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    1. 領導致辭


      Glorious flowers in spring and solid fruits in autumn; flower in spring and yield fruit in autumn. Huasheng LoudiEnergy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. was established in June 2004, and has gone through more than 20 years. Through the efforts of our employees, our company has made satisfactory achievements. The spirit of "patriotism, entrepreneurship, truth-seeking and dedication" and the core concept of "integrity, innovation, performance, harmony and safety" have become our guide to action. With the goal of "doing everything well by heart", we strive to create and continue to write the brilliance of "Vollsun" brand paint! Its own vigor and vitality, to the world to show the enterprise development of the tremendous potential. This potential benefit from Loudi Huasheng Energy Saving Material Co., Ltd. over the years formed rich cultural deposits, strong technical strength, good modern enterprise operation products, accurate market positioning, and all these are the necessary formula for the achievement of an excellent enterprise.

      Step into a new era, meet new challenges, and create new brilliance. Today Vollsun Energy is in an era of great changes with China's booming economy, increasingly perfect market development and increasingly fierce industry competition. We will abide by the enterprise purpose of "common development of enterprises and workers, common development of enterprises and users, common development of enterprises and society", adhere to the business philosophy of "win users with integrity, expand the market with brand", continue to uphold the concept of safe development, economical development, innovative development, integrity development, harmonious development, focus on the future, keep pace with The Times, seize opportunities, accelerate development, We will continue to uphold the national "energy conservation and emission reduction" policy and strive. Since the establishment of our company, on their own ideas, management ideas for a comprehensive update, in order to first in the idea, concept, management and international standards, and then establish a real sense of modern enterprise operation mode, comprehensive enhancement of the core competitiveness of the enterprise purpose. The development of the past few years has proved that our efforts have achieved great results.

      "Development is the absolute truth!" There is no limit to network, communication, cooperation and opportunities. I am confident that with the full support of old and new friends from all walks of life, Vollsun will surely make even more brilliant achievements. I firmly believe that what Huasheng has done for more than 20 years will be accomplished.

      Visit the website of Loudi Huasheng Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. to build a bridge of communication between you and me. We welcome you to visit our company for investigation and negotiation at any time!